Mobiqa Signs US Tickets Deal

Ticketing solutions company is partnering with mobile ticketing firm Mobiqa  to deliver mobile ticketing functionality called Mobi-TIXX to its clients. Mobi-TIXX is a barcoded ticket, sent as a message to a ticket buyers mobile phone. The barcode is scanned at the event to grant access. Mobi-TIXX adds to Tickets.coms existing ticket delivery methods, including Tickets@Home and automated kiosks.
Mobi-TIXX will provide multiple redemption opportunities, granting access into a venue while also potentially delivering a coupon directly to a mobile phone that can be redeemed for concessions.
Tickets.coms international offices have already successfully partnered with Mobiqa throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Mobiqas barcode solutions are now widely available to markets keen to adopt mobile ticketing and mobile phone couponing for any type of sports and entertainment events.
We are delighted to offer this innovative ticket functionality to our customers says Co-President Larry Witherspoon. The feedback from them has been great, and we consider Mobi-TIXX to be an essential component of our customer offering and service.