Mobixell Closes 10 Deals in Six Months

Mobile data solutions company Mobixell Networks has announced that it has sealed 10 new deals in the last six months, as operators start to take steps to deal with the demand for mobile data. 

The total subscriber base for the mobile operators involved in these deals tops 140m, with a combined traffic volume of around 40 petabytes per month.

The company says its Seamless Access solution, which converges mobile data traffic to support existing and future generations of mobile internet and mobile broadband services, is behind the deals. 

“Of course its satisfying to know that Tier-1 mobile operators are choosing Mobixell Seamless Access as their mobile internet platform,” says Noam Green, VP marketing for Mobixell. “But what these wins mean for the global industry is that video optimization and traffic management have become a real priority for operators. Thats why we believe they are choosing Mobixell.”

According to Mobixell, the trend to address data demand is different region to region. In North America and Western Europe, mobile operators are looking to push off capacity investments by seeking video and web optimization technologies. In Asia Pacific, where the data crunch hasnt yet hit as hard, networks immediate need is to implement a unified mobile internet platform with centralised management for all data traffic and services.