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Moblr Ties Up with RingRing

David Murphy

Mobile social networking company Moblr has announced a partnership with mobile media agency, RingRing Media. The ad-funded mobile community is using RingRing Medias mobile ad server, IAM, to improve user experience by ensuring that ads are as relevant as possible and generate maximum revenue from its inventory.
IAM works by aggregating ad feeds from multiple ad networks and dynamically routing traffic to the network that is providing the highest revenue-generating ad. The use of consumer data also helps the ad networks to select the most targeted ads, ensuring improved user experience whilst generating the highest ad revenues.
Having previously worked with Googles Mobile AdSense, our new partnership with RingRing Medias IAM has transformed mobile advertising from a hobby to a viable business prospect for Moblr, helping us to turn our mobile inventory into money at a much faster pace than with any other individual ad provider, says Moblr CEO,  Christophe Hocquet.
Moblr is the brainchild of Belgian company Kiboo, established in 2005 with the aim of delivering the best possible mobile Internet experience to users who view the mobile device as their primary networking tool. It builds on key features such as always on, location information, contacts, photo and video capabilities to create better and faster social interaction, and, the company says, has developed into one of the largest mobile centric communities in the world, enabling members to freely share their content, chat, meet and make new friends.