Mobstar opts for Danger

Mobile content producer Mobstar Media has announced a deal that will see the Brighton-based company deliver bespoke mobile themes to US software and services company, Danger, Inc.
In the US, Europe and Australia, says Mobstar, Danger is revolutionising the experience of the mobile Internet, bringing voice and messaging communications, open web browsing, and personalised services to a growing number of users. The Mobstar deal focuses on Danger-powered devices, which the company claims have achieved iconic status in the US as popular consumer Smartphones.
The devices include a range of integrated features, including a web browser, messaging and media player, and with the benefit of Dangers award-winning software, downloading applications, games and content is made easy.
In order to enhance the personalisation experience, Danger approached Mobstar to create a series of bespoke screen themes that can be previewed and downloaded directly from the device catalogue. The premium themes, exclusive to Danger, feature a range of looks inspired by some of Mobstars most popular character and graphical content. These themes will initially be available to subscribers in the United States.
With the introduction of premium themes, the Danger platform is further evolving its capability to allow users more tools for personalisation and self-expression says Jamie Rosenberg, Vice President Premium Services at Danger. Danger looks forward to working with Mobstar on this and other advanced personalisation initiatives in the future.
Mobstar MD Jamie Goldblatt adds:
Mobstar has proven that creativity and quality, rather than quantity, are the keys to content success. Mobstar content is what consumers want. Gone are the days when substandard content is acceptable. On operator and aggregator decks throughout the world, Mobstars content is a top seller. Were delighted to be working with Danger, with a worldwide choice of producers; its a testament to the creativity of our team that they chose Mobstar.