Mobycards go Global

Mobile content delivery company iTAGG  has launched a global version of its Mobycards mobile postcard service. The service was unveiled at the Travel Technology Show at Olympia 2 in London, which opened this morning.
Mobycards enables travellers to send personalised postcards that arrive through the mail direct from their mobile phone. Previously, the service only worked on phones equipped with a UK SIM. The new, global service will enable travel and tourism operators to offer own brand mobile postcards to customers anywhere in the world, and from any network.
To use the service, consumers buy pre-paid credits in denominations of one, five, 10 or 20 from participating outlets, take a photo with their camera phone or select one they have already taken, and use it to create a new MMS picture message.  In the text part of the MMS message, they type the unique 12-digit code contained on the pre-pay voucher, followed by the full name and address of the recipient. The only limitation on the size of the message is that it must fit on the back of a standard sized postcard.
They can then send the picture message as an email from their phones to If the customer has a UK SIM, they can also text it to +44 7921 505050. Whichever way they choose to send it, the physical postcard is then created and mailed to the postal address.
Postcards are universally popular says iTAGG CEO Steve Procter. Mobycards avoid any of the hassle of traditional postcards, such as buying a stamp or finding a postbox, and with over 205 million phones sold world-wide in the last quarter of 2005, there is the potential for tourist attractions and travel operators to generate a great revenue stream from a huge customer base.

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