Mobyko App Puts Facebook Users in the Picture

Mobyko has developed a Facebook application which enables users to match their mobile phones address book with their friends profile pictures on Facebook, so that they can see their profile picture when they call.
Paul Feaviour, Head of Development, at Mobyko was responsible for the implementation and functionality of the application. He says:
This tech blends a cutting edge front-end app, with a highly sophisticated back-end synchronisation server. In essence this enables our users to update their mobile devices with their friends latest profile pictures. This has allowed Mobyko to bridge the gap between the mobile phone address book and social networks.
The front-end application has been built utilising tried-and-tested PHP Facebook libraries, coupled with Smarty templates and a liberal splash of AJAX, for a smooth and effective user interface. Updates to the server happen via calls to a Mobyko Java API over the Hessian binary protocol. This enables Mobyko to leverage the massive PHP Facebook community in developing the front-end, while maintaining a fully secure, robust, quick and scalable Java backend.
The Mobyko Synchronisation engine is at the core of the application, providing the means to communicate with Facebook-compatible mobile devices. The engine is a J2EE application built with EJB Statefull Session Beans, the Spring Framework and Hibernate. Mobyko says that at present, it supports 80% of the UK installed base and has 235 handsets on a list that is growing by the day.
The Mobyko Facebook application demonstrates Mobykos ability to integrate the mobile phone address book into a web-based business, essentially bridging the gap between the mobile phone and the Internet, says Feaviour.
You can check out the application on Facebook here.