Mobyko Plays to the Gallery

Mobile back up service Mobyko has launched its dynamic online gallery for storing and sharing mobile photos, videos and texts, from the mobile phone.
Mobykos wireless snap and send feature enables the instant upload of mobile photos, videos and texts to a users digital gallery. The service also provides a rich suite of intuitive tools within each users gallery, enabling the user to create albums and slideshows with a simple drag and drop mechanic. Every mobile experience can be captured and displayed in a fully customisable interface.
Using the Mobyko gallery, you can instantly transfer photos, videos and texts from mobile to web; share mobile photos and videos with friends online; view mobile photos and videos in full size; easily organise photos, videos and texts into albums; and add descriptions to individual photos, videos and texts. Mobyko notes that the gallery is not restricted by handset or network; it can be accessed and enjoyed by virtually anyone. 
We wanted to give every mobile user the tools to ensure that they would never again lose a mobile moment, whether that be a classic video of a friend making a monkey out of themselves on a night out, a moving text from a loved one, or that once in a lifetime celebrity photo captured on your phone, says Mobyko CEO Julian Saunders. Your mobile life can be fleeting. However, with the Mobyko gallery, users can not only be sure that their mobile memories are safe, they can also share them with friends and family, quickly and easily.”
For a live demo of the Mobyko gallery, click here.