Modular Robotics debuts children’s robot building kit and compatible app

Modular Robotics, the creators of Cubelets robot blocks, has debuted the new Cubelets Curiosity Set, which features an interactive app and Bluetooth Hat allowing easy connectivity for kids four and up. The Curiosity Set consists of 10 best-selling Cubelets blocks, which aim to introduce children to the concepts of engineering, design, and computational thinking. As kids become more acquainted with the technology, they can create more complex designs and code.

The included Bluetooth Hat allows kids to connect their robot creations to most wireless devices, such as phones and tablets. From the Cubelets app, which is available on iOS, Android, and FireOS devices, children can control the movements of their robot with the Remote-Control feature and change their robots behavior with the Personality Swap feature. The Personality Swap feature includes modes such as Flashlight, Rotate, Battery, Passive, Inverse, and Brightness.

“Personalities are the tiny software programs inside Cubelets that guide how they act as individuals. Change any Cubelet and youll change how the robot construction behaves. Personal Swap allows you to explore the power of coding with the touch of a button,” said Stu Barwick, product manager at Modular Robotics. “The app will transfer the new Personality and change your Cubelets behavior in a matter of moments. We plan on releasing more Personalities to give creators even more possibilities soon.”

The Curiosity Set also includes an optional brick adapter, which can make the robot compatible with Lego pieces and other brick-based building sets. Once kids begin to master the robot’s control, functions, and skills, they can create new personalities using code on an additional Modular Robotics app, Cubletes Blocky.

“Everyone from robotics beginners to seasoned creators can enjoy Cubelets. They’re a great way to explore coding and computational thinking challenges while developing new skills through play. We’re confident that children in living rooms and classrooms everywhere will love creating with our new Cubelets Curiosity Set,” said Barwick.