Mojio Launches App Marketplace for Connected Cars

Alex Spencer

MojioMojio has launched Mojio Drive, an app marketplace for its connected car platform.

Mojio's USP is that it turns more or less any car manufactured since 1996 into a connected car, by connecting through the vehicle's OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port. This requires the Mojio 3G+GPS device, which is sold for an up-front price plus an annual subscription.

Initially, Driver offers 20-something apps that can be plugged into any Mojio-connected car, including vehicle maintenance and repair apps, car theft trackers, and apps that collate driving data for insurance purposes.

“We know that drivers want their cars to be more like their smartphones. There are at least as many connected car use cases as there are app developers, and so an open platform for building apps is essential to giving people what they want,” said Mojio CEO Jay Giraud.