Molotov Aims to Set Live TV on Fire in France

molotov multi deviceMobile video startup Molotov has launched in its native France with a freemium model, with the aim of transforming both the connected TV and mobile streaming markets.

The service aims to blend live TV consumption with streaming services like Netflix, in a similar manner to Apple TV. But while Apple has struggled to sign deals with major US networks and is facing a fragmented market where each channel has its own standalone service, Molotov has managed to quietly build a seamless, universal service.

A large part of Molotovs appeal is that it has managed to sign every major French network, as well as a large number of smaller channels and digital-only services. Now, the service is launching with the public for the first time, and expects wide uptake of its flexible offering.

Users will initially be able to access 35 of the most popular French channels and record up to 10 hours of content for free. In addition, users can pay to increase their storage, or access up to 70 high-definition channels, as well as movies.

The user interface mixes live and previously broadcast programming to create a constantly changing catalogue that updates in real-time. Users can tune into live TV, watch previously broadcast shows or bookmark future content for recording, with cross-device access built in.

“Molotov offers a radically new way of watching television,” said a spokesperson for Molotov. “For viewers, finding an interesting program can sometimes be tedious. Molotov lets you discover in a wink everything thats showing on every channel. Our ambition is to reinvent the daily pleasure that is watching TV.”

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