Momail Launches in Polish

Mobile email provider Momail has revealed that its mobile email service is now available in the local language in Poland. In less than two minutes, the company says, customers can set up a Momail account via their mobile or PC to have a mobile email solution on their handsets which is as easy as SMS to use. 
Mobile penetration in Poland is three times that of PCs. Additionally, the company notes, there are now more than 1 million Polish people who can now use Momails mobile email offering as their main communication tool, in their native language.
After Sweden and the UK, we are excited to offer a localized version of Momail to users in Poland, says Momail CEO, Roger Grnberg. Our technology optimizes every message and attachment, without destroying the original, while minimising the amount of data and thus the cost of mobile data by up to 99.9%.”
Momail does not require special clients or software in the mobile, thus minimising download and installation problems. Momail currently works on more than 1,000 different handset models. Momail is free of charge and works on all mobiles with built-in email support. The service is available in the UK, in all Nordic countries and in Poland. The company says that many more countries will be added this year, beginning with Germany.