Mondelez Shifts Focus to Mobile Marketing

oreo twist lick dunk appFood and beverage producer Mondelez International has announced plans to increase investment in mobile apps, content marketing and digital video, following successes that the company has seen with campaigns from brands such as Oreo.

The Twist, Lick, Dunk application that launched in November 2012 to promote the Oreo brand has helped Mondelez make twice as much money through in-app purchases and advertising than the firm invested in the apps creation, indicating the potential mobile had to not only strengthen its brand, but also generate revenues for the company.

The app, developed by mobile game studio PikPok, has been downloaded 7m times, with over 5bn cookies being virtually dunked since it launched.

Mondelez has revealed it has plans to develop a Sour Patch Kids mobile app, and is changing its product advertising strategy to partner with firms such as 20th Century Fox and Buzzfeed to produce online video content.

“Advertising is no longer a huge part of the content consumption experience,” said Laura Henderson, global head of content and media monetisation for Mondelez International, referencing the firms decision to focus more on content marketing and less on traditional advertising.

As well as digital initiatives, the company is teaming with Fox to live-broadcast a sky-diving stunt online and on US television to support the launch of a new flavour for its Stride gum brand. The firm hopes that up to 10 per cent of its global media investments will break even or make a profit by 2020.