Mobile-first Bank Mondo Launches Public Beta

Tim Maytom

mondo app
If you've been at our Mobile Marketing Finance Summit today, you've heard from Jason Bates, co-founder of mobile-first bank Mondo. The service has just launched its public beta, following a hugely successful alpha preview and having used crowd-funding to raise £1m in 96 seconds.

Mondo is still currently seeking a full banking license from UK authorities, but is still able to offer a pre-paid MasterCard credit card that links to the company's app, which tracks your spending in real-time.

The app enables users to view their transactions by category or even location, and they can get a graphical timeline of their overall expenditure to help them track their spending habits and improve their financial planning. There's also a peer-to-peer payments option to transfer money within Mondo, with Touch ID security.

The alpha test by Mondo saw 3,000 people make transactions all over the world, totally over £1.5m in spend, and the company is looking to expand the scale of their test with the new public beta, as well as enabling a wider range of the public to take part.

The app has built up a waiting list over 52,000 people long, and will begin the beta this week by sending out cards to the first 1,000 signups, with many thousands more planned for distribution over the course of the next few months.