Monotype Adds To FlipFont Collection

Monotype Imaging has added nine comic book fonts to its FlipFont collection of downloadable typefaces for selected mobile phones. The new designs are available from for users of Monotype Imaging’s FlipFont application, which enables users of supported Nokia and Samsung phones to personalize their user interfaces, menus and applications with fonts.
The latest FlipFont additions were designed by the Founders of Los Angeles-based Comicraft & Active Images, Richard Starkings and John Roshell. The pair have been credited with fonts featured in comic books, magazines, toys, books, DVDs, video games and feature films such as ‘Toy Story 2’ and ‘Sky High’.

The nine new comic books fonts include the ‘Astronauts in Trouble’ font, described by Haley as a design with a mission to be easily read; the ‘Dave Gibbons’ font, based on the lettering of the comic book artist of ‘Watchmen’ fame; the ‘Dave Gibbons Journal Italic’ font, which combines capital and lowercase letters into a single, unicase font; the Tim Sale Brush font; plus five more fonts: ‘Forked Tongue’; Phat Boi’; ‘Spellcaster’; ‘Storyline Typewriter’; and ‘Zoinks’.