Montblanc Unveils Smart Watch Strap

WatchWatch maker Montblanc has announced its first step into the wearables market – not a smartwatch, but a smart watch strap.

The e-Strap features a 0.9″ monochromatic touchscreen mounted on the underside of the users wrist, connected to their iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

The strap will be able to remotely control the paired smartphones camera or selected apps, and display notifications with vibrating alerts. It will also track the wearers activity with a pedometer and accelerometer.

The device charge via a micro-USB port, and Montblanc promises a battery life of around five days of continuous use.

The e-Strap will be offered as a optional extra for Montblancs Timewalker Urban Speed collection of watches, or to buy separately for €250 (£195) in combination with any of its 42-43mm watches.