Moolah Launches App.Suite and Mob.Suite

David Murphy

Performance ad network Moolah Media has launched its App.Suite and Mob.Suite solutions, which it says enable app developers and mobile site publishers to monetize their users more effectively.

Each suite consists of three ad units, which can be utilized individually or in combination. Co-Registration (App.Roll and Mob.Roll), lets users register with the mobile app or website. When they register, they are shown a series of “highly relevant” offers that they can choose to skip or view. Moolah says that co-registration is an effective way to immediately monetize and recover the cost of acquiring new users. Moolah’s co-registration can also be used to unlock content within a mobile site or game. eCPMs for App.Roll and Mob.Roll range from $200-400, or 25c-60c average revenue per user.

With Notifications (App.Notify and Mob.Notify), users opt in to receive notifications (either device tray for Android or SMS for mobile web) with status updates and deal alerts. Notifications are an effective tool to promote recurring monetization of users that don’t return to an app or mobile site frequently, and help to re-engage users, says Moolah. Using Moolah’s App.Notify and Mob.Notify, developers and publishers can expect eCPMs ranging from $8-15 and recurring ARPUs of 5c to 20c per month.

Display (App.Display and Mob.Display) enables publishers to monetize impressions with banners and interstitial ads that are targeted based on device type, carrier, category, and other parameters. Using display, Moolah says that developers and publishers can expect 100 per cent fill rates and eCPMs of 25c-$4.

The new tools integrate seamlessly with Moolah’s existing performance based monetization platform, providing real-time stats on conversions and revenue for all campaigns.

To celebrate the launch, Moolah is announcing a $3m (£1.86m) developer fund, offering an additional 33 per cent payout, up to $3m, for all new publishers and developers that use Mob.Suite or App.Suite.

“Legacy forms of mobile advertising are broken,” says Moolah Media CEO and co-founder, Shawn Scheuer. “Developers and publishers are often overpaying to acquire new users that may use their site or app only once. Moolah’s new monetization tools provide immediate monetization to cover acquisition costs and allow for follow on monetization that translates into pure profit. Best of all, the new ad units within App.Suite and Mob.Suite are effective at monetizing the 95 per cent of users that do not make direct payments.”

There’s more information on the developer fund here.