Moolah Launches Performance Ad Network

Mobile performance ad network Moolah Media has publicly announced the launch of its ad platform, which it says is serving 100m impressions and generating over 250,000 thousand quality leads per month since it launched a month ago.

Moolah’s network delivers ads in Android and iPhone apps, on the mobile web, through text messages and via voice channels. Advertisers can use the network to drive inbound calls directly to their call center, collect signups and registration leads, and track conversions using Moolah’s real-time reporting tools.

The company notes that the mobile advertising industry is booming right now. Recent research from Informa Telecoms & Media found that the industry will be worth $3.5bn by the end of this year and reach around $24bn by 2015. While Apple’s iAds and Google’s AdMob have earned industry attention for their feature mobile ads, app publishers are still looking for the best ways to monetize their inventory, and direct-response advertisers are still looking for ways to acquire new customers profitably. This, says Moolah, is where performance-based mobile advertising has come into play, offering higher fill rates and monetization for publishers, and more quality leads for advertisers.

“Moolah Media’s 100 per cent fill rate and performance-based mobile offers helped us monetize our inventory and increase profit,” says Ben Perry, vice president of advertising operations at MocoSpace, the largest social entertainment destination on the mobile web. “Moolah’s broad range of proprietary offers and targeting capabilities helped to maintain a high level of engagement with our users.”