Moolah Launches Real-time Call Reporting

Mobile affiliate ad network Moolah Media has added real-time call reporting to its offering, enabling advertisers, publishers and affiliates to track campaigns on the network, for accurate, real-time measurement of campaign performance.

Moolah launched in January, and is already generating 250,000 paid leads through inbound phone calls each month. Moolah supports all types of mobile inventory, including text messages, mobile web, and iPhone and Android apps. 

“This is an excellent opportunity for our advertisers to accurately determine which call campaigns are most effective,” says CEO, Shawn Scheuer. “(With) this transparency of information, advertisers have control of their campaigns, and publishers can determine the best way to monetize their apps and mobile websites.”

Moolah’s platform allows marketers to create mobile campaigns in which the entire consumer interaction is tracked, from banner impression, to click, landing page view, form submit, and inbound phone call, from a single dashboard. Moolah also offers tools for publishers to view real-time reports on call duration, unique vs. duplicate calls, and call answer rate. The insight allows Moolah to work closely with its call centre partners and advertisers to monitor back-end performance and lifetime value of leads.