Moovit Mooves On

moovit combo

Moovit, one of the worlds leading apps for accessing public transportation, has unveiled a complete redesign of its offering, refreshing its UX based on user feedback and consumer research.

The redesign takes user input from the apps four years of operation into consideration, restructuring the large amount of transport data available to users to provide a clearer customer journey.

The 5.0 version of the app organises information around the primary transportation requirements from a user, whether thats reaching a particular location, knowing about transport options in their local area, or researching information on a particular line.

The app can provide users with one-tap directions to favourite locations, with a focus on user-choice hierarchy in how information is displayed. Users can also access real-time information on journeys and lines, with live directions helping to guide visitors around unfamiliar cities.

“At Moovit, we listen very carefully to our community,” said Yovav Meydad, vice president of products & growth at Moovit. “The user community has asked for a more localised experience and we think theyll agree that we have provided that with Moovit 5.0.

“We believe the more involved our users are, the better our app is and the more useful and enjoyable trips on public transport can become. Thats why we have continued to empower users to improve the quality of our data, to allow users to make their own improvements to the app where feasible, and its why weve undertake this major refresh.”

Moovit boasts over 45m users around the globe, with 65,000 users serving as ambassadors within the Moovit Editor Community who double-check crowdsourced data to ensure it is accurate.