mopay Powers German Classifieds Portal

Payment solutions company mopay has announced a partnership with German classifieds portal Quoka. The deal will see Quoka integrate mopays mobile payments platform into its existing portfolio of payment solutions.

The mopay solution allows customers to pay for goods just by entering their mobile phone number – the cost of the purchase is then added to their mobile phone bill. is a web portal for consumers to buy and sell goods and has more than 3.5m ads and generates 115.8m page impressions per month, according to the company.

“mopay is by far the easiest way of paying online,” says Patrick Günther, CEO of Quoka. “With the ease and simplicity of providing a mobile phone number, consumers no longer have to provide 16-digit credit card numbers or names and addresses. Especially when talking about micro payments – which is the case with Quokas premium services – offering a fast and simple payment method is very important. Paying with mopay fully corresponds with our demand for maximum ease-of-use.”

Ingo Lippert, CEO of MindMatics AG, operator of mopay, says: “Quoka is one of the most prominent portals for classifieds in Europe. For more than 25 years Quoka repeatedly paved the way for new technologies in eCommerce. We are proud that mopay is now able to bring mobile payments excellence to a broad Quoka user base. This partnership once more supports our prediction of mobile payments moving out of their niche into many different fields of application in 2011.”