MoPub Expands Native Advertising Capabilities

Native_Ads-Mediation-launch-2Twitter-owned mobile ad exchange MoPub has expanded on the native advertising capabilities it launched earlier this year, enabling publishers to manage multiple native ad networks.

The new mediation functionality makes it possible for multiple native ad sources to be managed with a single SDK, aiding publishers in their efforts to optimise sales and performance of their mobile ad inventory. The updated platform will also automatically select the native ad source that offers the best CPM from all of of those available, streamlining the process for publishers.

MoPub has seen increasing adoption of the native ad format ever since enabling publishers to purchase this ad format on its platform programmatically. With the announcement that such ads will be increasingly flexible and easier to manage, it expects further growth in this area.

MoPub was acquired by Twitter last year for a reported $350m (£205m), with the aim of introducing Real Time Bidding (RTB) to its ad platform and expanding its native advertising offering on mobile, so it is likely this development has been planned from the early days of its acquisition.