MoPub makes impression-level revenue data available

Twitter’s app monetisation platform, MoPub, has made impression-level revenue data available to its full-platform publishers as part of its latest software development kit (SDK), enabling them to ‘understand true ads lifetime value (LTV) of users’.

The SDK-based solution enables publishers and third-party analytics and attribution providers to ingest data through an existing integration more easily, as opposed to having to create a new API.

Publishers are able to either process the data themselves of send it to their partners – like Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular, Soomla, and Tenjin – for deeper analysis and reporting. Meanwhile, mobile app publishers can turn the impression-level data into actionable insights and augment in-app purchase (IAP) revenue data to guide their monetisation strategy.

“Publishers have continued to grow in their sophistication of paid acquisition strategies, but have rarely been able to measure true LTV of users monetised through ads,” said Boris Logvinsky, head of product at MoPub. “Impression-level revenue data will allow publishers to finally measure total user LTV and ensure their acquisition efforts are ROI positive.”