More Online Time Going to Mobile

David Murphy

Mobile ad network Mojiva has released the results of the Mobile Audience Guide (MAG) EMEA, a three-month study into the mobile phone usage and mobile advertising habits of mobile users. The study reveals that UK consumers are turning increasingly to mobile devices as an essential way of accessing online services.

With almost 60 per cent of respondents now spending 60 per cent of their online time on mobile devices, Mojiva says there is growing interest in mobile advertising, with 58 per cent clicking on an ad at least once a week. Those ads most likely to be successful were the ones encouraging interactivity (30 per cent). Animated banner ads were also popular (20 per cent), followed by video ads (18 per cent). Surprisingly, those least likely to stimulate interest were the expanding screen take-over type, with only 2 per cent in favour of this style.

It appears that music acts as a stimulus, with 32 per cent of respondents most likely to click through to an ad from a band, followed by 13 per cent from social/dating companies and 12 per cent from sport.  Less popular groups include traffic (1 per cent) and restaurants and bars (2 per cent). 

When questioned about what mobile advertising prompted them to do, 48 per cent said they would browse a website, 45 per cent download a mobile app, and 40 per cent listen to music, with 33 per cent requesting more information and 31 per cent buying a product.

“The Mojiva MAG findings show that there is a growing acceptance of advertising in mobile by users, but it highlights the need for advertisers to make sure they are creating a rich and interactive experience for the consumer if they are to be successful,” says Mojiva head of marketing, Amy Vale. “When advertisers do so, mobile users are seeking more information and developing a loyalty towards that brand as a result.”

You can access the full report here.