More than half of mobile publisher revenue comes from ads, driven by video

App Store55 per cent of total mobile publisher revenue comes from advertising, with 31 per cent of this revenue coming through mobile video ads.

According to a survey of the top-grossing app developers, carried out by AdColony, 87 per cent of respondents feel that rewarded video ad placements provide a positive user experience. The most favourable of these ads are native, interstitial, playable, or modest banners. On the other hand, pre-roll an in-feed content is less favoured.

The survey respondents were mostly made up of mobile game developers – representing 90 per cent – with only 18 per cent making non-gaming apps. Eight per cent represented mobile publishers which make both gaming and non-gaming apps. 40 per cent of all surveyed were in EMEA, followed by 34 per cent in North America, 22 per cent in Asia Pacific, and four per cent in Latin America.

Outside of advertising, publishers mostly make their money through in-app purchases, as opposed to paid installs and subscriptions. In-app purchases represent 39 per cent of total publisher revenue – the single greatest individual contributor to revenues.

When it comes to the most effective monetisation methods, respondents said that rewarded video ads, in-app purchases, and interstitial video were all very effective.

Publishers cited retention, in-app purchase behvaviour, and average session duration as key indicators of user quality. The most popular methods of engaging users are achievements, push notifications, value exchange ad integrations, and in-app events.