More than half of US homes will have a smart speaker by 2022

Amazon EchoSmart speakers will be present in 55 per cent of US homes by 2022, with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home installed in more than 70m households.

The total of overall installed devices across the US is also set to exceed 175m, according to digital analyst Juniper Research. Furthermore, voice assistant features across all platforms will reach 870m devices by 2022, an increase of 95 per cent from this year’s estimated 450m.

Despite the growing number of smart home assistants, it is forecasted that most voice assistant usage will be on smartphones, with more than 5bn in use around the world in 2022.

It is expected that advertisers will increasingly capitalise on the use of voice assistants – with Juniper believing it represents the biggest revenue opportunity. It predicts that voice assistant ad spend will reach nearly $19bn globally by 2022. However, advertising on voice assistants may prove to very difficult to master.

“Voice-based interaction presents less options than other forms of advertising, meaning less adverts are possible,” said research author James Moar. “Not all voice interactions are product searches, meaning advertisers will need to adjust their strategies to build a brand’s voice strategy around information provision as well as sales.”

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