More time will be spent on mobile devices than watching TV in China this year

Chinese people mobilesThis year will mark the first year that adults in China will spend more time on their mobile devices than they will watching TV.

Chinese adults will spend an average of 2 hours, 39 minutes on mobile devices each day in 2018, up 11.1 per cent year-on-year (YoY) and representing 41.6 per cent of their daily media time, according to eMarketer. On the other hand, adults will spend 2 hours, 32 minutes per day watching TV, a decline of two per cent from 2017, accounting for 39.8 per cent of daily media time.

The main reason behind the increased mobile time is video, with adults in China expected to spend 58 minutes a day watching video this year, up by nearly 26 per cent YoY and making up over 25 per cent of all digital time. By 2020, this is predicted to increase to nearly 33 per cent.

“eMarketer’s forecasts are showing that in China, time spent watching TV will experience accelerated declines, with TV viewership falling further in lower-tier cities,” said Shelleen Shum, forecasting director at eMarketer. “Audiences increasingly consume digital video within platforms that provide a greater variety of content and allow for on-demand viewing. Faster networks and the proliferation of smartphones allow consumers to watch or post videos in between other daily activities.

“Beyond long-form content such as dramas, short videos—both professionally and user-generated—have witnessed explosive growth in the past year.

“Short video apps like Xigua and Kuaishou have received heavy investment in the past year to help commercialize its content. Ecommerce and news aggregator apps have also used short video content as a way to increase engagement among users.”