Motally Enables On-the-fly App Updates

Mobile analytics firm Motally has launched a 2-Way Communication solution that makes it easier for app developers to optimize apps on the fly, without having to re-submit their app. Motally says the solution will enable developers to make changes and updates to iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps without the need to redeploy them in their respective app stores. In effect, Motally says it has created a dialogue between app stores and developers, thereby reducing the time to market of improved applications based on consumer usage data.
Due to the unpredictable nature of approval systems in app stores, developers struggle to schedule and coordinate even the slightest change to their apps for fear of the lengthy response time from app-saturated app stores approvals staff. Motally addresses that concern by enabling developers to send data to back to apps already live in app stores. With Motally 2-Way Communication, developers can make changes remotely to data values in previously defined fields, all from within the web interface of their Motally account.
The app submission and resubmission process definitely can hold developers back from bringing updates to market as fast as they would like, says Peter Sankauskas, a Game Developer and Software Engineer at Motally. With Motallys 2-Way Communication feature, we are excited about providing on-the-fly adjustments to apps and believe the uninterrupted consumer experience will lead to higher engagement and usage.
Using Motallys 2-Way Communication, developers can instantly update or modify existing tracking parameters and the conditions under which data is sent. For example a developer can turn on debug tracking remotely to resolve bugs on the fly, without having to go through app stores often meticulous and lengthy approval process.
Developers can also change the values for custom fields that have been previously defined. For example, a developer can include a discount code field into an application and change the value for that code, based on a particular marketing campaign. In an effort to facilitate app localization, the new feature even allows developers to change the greeting on a text to go from Hello to Hola, depending on the country from which an app is being accessed.
Founded in 2008, Motally supports analytics for applications on the iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, as well as the mobile web, via a single interface. Motally also offers white-label solutions to enterprise customers.
There's a video demo of Motally's 2-Way Communication solution here.