Mothercare Adds In-store Digital Receipts to its Apps

Mothercare-digital-receiptsAs part of its latest app release, Mothercare and its app development partner NN4M have incorporated digital receipts, in partnership with yReceipts, into the Mothercare iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

yReceipts enables receipts for purchases made in store to be stored within Mothercare’s apps. The custom-designed receipts include product images that link to the product details within the app. Customers will also have the option to send eGift Receipts to friends and family directly from the app, while sales assistants will be able to scan in a customer’s email address rather than having to manually enter it, eliminating the margin for human error. The integration of yReceipts means that Mothercare customers will be able to access all their in-store purchase history in one location at the tap of a button, rather than having to dig through their email inbox.

When a shopper with the app on their phone makes a purchase in store, the sales assistant will ask how they would like to receive the receipt. If they choose a digital receipt, the sales assistant scans a QR code displayed within the app that identifies the customer, and the digital receipt is fed directly from the till to the app receipts section. The user will also receive a push message soon afterwards confirming that their receipt is available to view in the app.

Other updates to the apps are designed to provide an improved customer experience and freshen up the look and feel. The iPhone, Android and iPad apps have improved Mothercare’s sales since their launch in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively, and picked up numerous awards, including two Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.
“Bridging the gap between online and in store is a huge focus for us as a business and we see mobile as playing a major part in this,” said Mothercare’s group mobile commerce manager, Chris Bertin.

In addition to Mothercare, NN4M also works with a number of other UK retailers on their apps, including The Body Shop, Saks Fifth Avenue and River Island.