Movial Powers Megafon IP Comms Service

Russian mobile operator MegaFon has launched an  integrated PC, mobile and web communications service, ‘MultiFon’ powered by Movial’s Communicator IP communication client software. According to Movila, MultiFon is one of the largest IP communication services in the world, with the potential to reach over 150m subscribers. It is available on PC, mobile, including VoIP on mobile, webbrowsers, and other devices such as USB phones.

The MultiFon service leverages Movial Communicator to provide users with mobile phone capabilities across all their devices, and includes voice, video and VoIP on mobile calls, as well as voicemail, SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging (IM), Presence, contact list management, networked address book and an integrated shopping tab, all connected to a single mobile phone number.  The service was developed and deployed based on a Teligent platform, a convergent solution which includes SIP, IN and IM elements in an IMS architecture.

MultiFon removes complexity by providing subscribers with a single monthly bill tied to their single phone number for mobile phone, PC and web calls, and includes free video calls. Movial notes that having a single recognizable phone number across all devices, using VoIP from mobile, PC or web makes identifying callers easy. In addition, costs are added to their single mobile phone statement for hassle-free billing. The new service, which is offered free to subscribers, can be downloaded to a PC, or comes pre-installed with MegaFons netbook offering, bundled with USB dongles, Symbian S60 or Android smartphones. 

“Movial is proud to have been selected as MegaFon’s technology partner and to have successfully delivered the communication user experience that powers the innovation the MultiFon service delivers to subscribers,” says Movial CEO, Jari Ala-Ruona. “MegaFon has effectively taken on the Internet VoIP players and seriously raised the bar in creating an integrated customer experience for its subscribers, and we applaud their push to offer IP communications services to their mass market.”