Movial Releases Browser D-Bus Code

Movial has released its Browser D-Bus (Desktop Bus) Bridge open source code into the Mobile Linux community. Movial says that Browser D-Bus Bridge removes the complexity of Linux User Interface (UI) development and empowers web developers and designers, operators and device manufacturers to easily create extremely capable UIs for open handsets. The technology, says Movial, helps transform web widgets into seamless, user-driven mobile applications providing new, value-added and differentiated services and superior user experiences. The code is available here, and runs on WebKit and Mozilla engines.
Movial committed to contributing and delivering Browser D-Bus Bridge at this years LinuxWorld in August, where it also revealed that it had joined the LiMo Foundation, the global consortium of mobile comapnies delivering an open handset platform for the mobile industry.
Browser D-Bus Bridge translates Javascript commands to D-Bus commands. The D-Bus is used by the LiMo Foundation for inter-process communication (IPC) between applications and services. Movials Browser D-Bus Bridge makes it possible for web developers and designers, operators and device manufacturers to add browser-based UIs for the LiMo stack and for applications to easily initiate platform services, like media engines and instant messaging engines on mobile devices.
Using the Browser D-Bus Bridge, developers or designers can create a UI to control NetworkManager using HTML, CSS and Javascript, or easily create a browser extension to send URLs to a music player using its D-Bus API. New and innovative UIs can be built on-the-fly that are not only web widgets, but rich and usable main applications.The applications that can be built using the Bridge blur the lines between local and external services, creating innovative, customized on-device mashups.
Movial designs personalised mobile user experiences, from device concept and interface design, to systems integration, third-party application integration, and product maintenance and support. The companys Internet Experience Suite, Movial IXS, is available as a white-label product to device manufacturers and operators worldwide.