Movial Rolls Out Qt Services To N.America

California’s Movial, a Qt Certified Partner and contributor to the Open Source community, has launched its Qt cross-platform application framework services for the North American market, in an attempt to grant desktop, web, industrial-embedded and mobile developers a time-saving, seamless means of customising applications to suit a range of differing devices.

Movial’s services are set to include consulting and hands-on team training, hardware integration and application development. The company claims: “Our skill set in Qt includes using Qt’s styling support and extendibility to transform plain mobile phone user interfaces [UIs] into graphically rich experiences”. 

The group recently developed a 3D Flickr HTML5 demo, intended to highlight the way in which Qt WebKit supports hardware accelerated 3D, and how the WebGL technology enables 3D UIs and models without additional browser plug-ins. The similarity between WebGL and OpenGL simplifies the porting of existing 3D applications. Images, and even HTML5 videos, can be used as textures on WebGL models.

Wade Vesey, Movial North America CEO, says: “Movial’s expert developers have all the necessary skills required for delivering a full project from UI and interaction design and implementation, to enabling hardware peripherals and graphics acceleration on Linux platforms.”