M&S Opts In to O2 More

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has signed-up to O2’s ‘You Are Here’ location-based marketing service, which sends targeted text or MMS messages to O2 customers when they enter areas ‘owned’ by brands, retailers or services.

The messages are sent to O2 customers who have opted in to the O2 More opt-in mobile marketing programme. When O2 More customers who have expressed an interest in food and drink or clothing enter an area near an M&S store, they will be sent a text message featuring a special offer they can redeem at that store, immediately. To redeem the offer, customers quote a unique product code from the text to the customer service assistant. M&S has signed up to the service initially for six months. The first M&S offer launches today, and is for a free 250ml smoothie for any O2 More customer who buys a ‘Simply Fuller Longer’ sandwich or salad.

“Mobile is already an incredibly important channel for us, with over 2m people shopping at M&S on their mobile phone last year,” says M&S online marketing manager, Nicky Fouhy. “Proximity marketing is a new and exciting mobile marketing channel that will enable us to offer value to customers and in a targeted and engaging way.”

O2 first launched its location services in the UK in October last year. The service uses technology known as ‘geo-fencing’ which has been developed by Californian-based company Placecast. Geo-fences are virtual boundaries that typically surround high-street stores, shopping centres or commercial events. It works on all mobile phones and does not require an app or download.

O2 does not share its customers’ data with any other customers or third parties, and manages the number and relevance of all messages. Customers can opt-out of the service at any time.