Multi-channel Payments Provider YESpay Launches EasyV-Mobile payments

YESpay has launched the EasyV-Mobile payments app for merchants to take Chip and PIN, as well as magnetic card payments on smartphones.

EasyV-Mobile can perform standalone card payments as well as being integrated into retailers’ POS apps by mobile developers.

The solution enables security standards compliant card payment processing using 3G or a wi-fi connection. But unlike PayPal, iZettle and Square, YESpay does not provide the payment redemption hardware to its customers.

The company says that EasyV-Mobile  provides unprecedented visibility on inventory, enabling cross-channel convergence of mobile, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar sales.

The product is being demonstrated at The Great Business Show 2012 over the next two days. It has been pre-accredited by major card providers, including Barclaycard Business, HSBC and Lloyds Cardnet.