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Multilingual Mobile

David Murphy

Mobile content producer Steape has launched a range of talking phrase books for mobile phones in the UK and the US. At the push of a button, travellers can easily communicate in a foreign language using an application on their mobile phone. The translators are already popular in the Netherlands, and are now also available in the UK and USA via the Steape website.
Steape translators are available in 17 languages and 272 language combinations, including versions communicating from one non-English language to another, e.g. Spanish to Russian. In addition to western languages such as English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, travellers can also make themselves heard in Mandarin, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Czech and Japanese. The phrases come with both text and sound, meaning that travellers do not need to struggle with difficult pronunciation. The voices are recorded by native speakers and are played back via the phones speaker.
Three products are available: Mini-Speaking Dictionary; Steape Travel; and Steape Knowledge. The Mini-Speaking Dictionary consists of 500 traveller-related words. It costs 4 per version (e.g., English to French). Steape Travel, which costs the same,  contains almost 100 phrases covering travel-related topics including  Chat basics; Travel & Go; Small Talk; Overnight Accommodation; Money; Shopping; Flirting & Dating; Going Out & Sightseeing; Eating & Drinking; Help & Health and Service & Communication. Steape Knowledge is composed of useful basic vocabulary, such as numbers, days of the week etc., and is free when another product is purchased. The translators currently work on 138 mobile phones types, and Steape says the list is growing continuously.
Its very frustrating to find yourself in a situation where no-one understands a word youre saying says Steape CEO Marc van Bommel,. The most important aspect of our translation products is that they offer you exactly the words you need, at precisely the moment you need them. Also, the fun-factor of letting your mobile talk for you means that you can quickly break the ice and enjoy a conversation.