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Muse releases AI-directed daily music video for new single

Alex Spencer

The humble music video has been reinvented for mobile by a whole host of high-profile artists, from Gorillaz to Madonna.  We've seen interactive music videos, second-screen videos, and of course plenty of VR music videos – but a dynamic, AI-directed music video is a new one on us.

That’s exactly what Muse has done, to promote the band’s new single, Dig Down.

The video searches TV news broadcasts on a daily basis for clips that match the song’s lyrics, edited and synced up by an AI tool. The effect is to essentially replace the vocals of singer Matt Bellamy with snippets of everyone from Donald Trump to Mark Zuckerberg.

Created by tech agency Branger Briz, the video is pieced together by an AI tool and refreshes on a daily basis, using fresh footage to create a new version.

“AI is so often deployed in a very invisible way, so it was exciting to collaborate on a project with the band that brings it to the fore,” said a spokesperson for Branger Briz. “We think it’s important to have public discourse about the promise and perils of these emerging and incredibly influential technologies and it’s great to work with Muse to instigate those conversations.”

The latest version of the video can be viewed on a branded microsite.

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