Museum of London Launches Roman London AR App

The Museum of London has teamed up with the History TV channel to create an Augmented Reality (AR) iOS app that reveals London as it was in Roman times, 2,000 years ago. Streetmuseum Londinium uses a phones camera and location features to present an AR experience that transports the user back to Roman times.

Features include the ability to digitally excavate Roman artefacts, including leather bikini briefs and an ancient manicure set. Users use their finger to dig, and by blowing on their iPhone, users will gradually reveal the objects where they were first found in the capital.

The app comes on the back of the app Streetmuseum, which was launched in 2010 and allowed users to see various historic images of London superimposed over the modern day city on the screen. 

Vicky Lee, marketing manager for the Museum of London, says: “The success of Streetmuseum has shown that museums can bring history to life in new and exciting ways, taking their collections to the streets, rather than relying on visitors coming to them. Now, with the launch of Streetmuseum Londinium, were going a step further, allowing iPhone users to unearth evidence of Roman London, as if discovering these artefacts for the first time.”

Kiera Doherty, digital marketing manager from AETN UK – the company behind History – says: “History is an exciting TV brand that brings history alive in peoples everyday life in entertaining and engaging ways. Through Streetmuseum Londinium, we wanted to inspire people to know more about their city and to have fun with history.”

Like the original Streetmuseum app, Streetmuseum Londinium was produced by creative agency Brothers and Sisters. Kevin Brown, digital director for Brothers and Sisters, says: “The new application builds on Streetmuseums groundbreaking innovation with the introduction of experiential firsts: a unique Augmented Reality video experience and virtual artefact excavations. Once again, weve redefined the parameters of experiencing history beyond the traditional audio tour or exhibition, giving users a taste of Roman London, either on location, or from the comfort of their own home.”

The app will be available on the iTunes App Store from 25 July.