Muzicall and Xipto Partner for Ringback Tone Service

Ringback tone (RBT) provider Muzicall has signed a deal with mobile advertising firm Xipto to jointly deliver an RBT advertising solution to brands and businesses across Europe. The new service, called Ringtagz Advertising, will enable businesses to find, engage, and reward people who are willing to share specific messages with their friends.

The service offers a new way for mobile users to earn cash rewards for being fans of their favourite brands, movies, music and local businesses, by playing a promotional message of their choosing to anyone that calls their mobile phone. Users can then choose whether to keep the money they have earned, or donate it to charity.

Through the partnership with Xipto, Ringtagz Advertising will give marketers, brands, and local businesses an opportunity to extend the reach of their fans through the personalized delivery of ‘socially endorsed’ ads just prior to real conversations between friends. Ringtagz Advertising also integrates with Facebook and Twitter to provide a social marketing platform that distributes advertiser and advocacy messages into phone conversations and social feeds.

“Ringback Tone Advertising represents one of the largest untapped media inventories for advertisers today,” says Muzicall CEO, Patrick Allainguillaume. “Muzicall’s current reach equates to 168m listens and 42m minutes of potential advertising space being broadcast every single day. Our partnership with Xipto adds a new dimension to Muzicall’s ringback tone ecosystem by opening up this untapped inventory, and significantly extending the revenue opportunity for both mobile operators and advertisers.”