MVNO Seminar Launched

The Besen Group, an international mobile data industry management consulting practice, is launching an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) seminar titled New Faces of Mobile Communications. The on-site seminar is designed for organisations looking to launch a successful MVNO, or improve competitive advantage.
The seminar takes an inside look at 50 MVNO case studies from 28 different categories. Companies featured in the case studies include Apple, Blyk, Disney Mobile USA, ESPN Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA, Voce and Vonage.
It aims to show participants how to position their companys brand for the mobile market; how to differentiate their service offering from their competitors; how to develop a unique MVNO strategy on how to enter the mobile market; and how to build a compelling voice- and data-centric MVNO business case.
Our MVNO seminar is the most comprehensive seminar of its kind in the world, says The Besen Group Founder, Alex Besen. It will help you stay ahead of your competition and become one of the most successful MVNOs in the mobile market. Whether you want to brush up on MVNO fundamentals or get a thorough business overview, we cover both and more.
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To download the MVNO Seminar brochure, click here.