MWC 2010 Preview

With the excitement mounting on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2010, we present a preview of some of the things you can expect to see…

Qualcomm (Stand No. 8B53) will be showing next-generation mobile technologies and services designed to drive wireless growth and develop new markets, new segments and new business models. Highlights of the exhibit include LTE; LTE Advanced; dual-carrier HSPA+; Brew Mobile Platform; devices based on the Snapdragon mobile computing platform; FLO mobile broadcast technology; Plaza Mobile Internet; and Plaza Retail.
Qualcomm will offer live demonstrations of: HSPA+ coverage and capacity improvements using uplink transmit diversity; 42 Mbps dual-carrier HSPA+ using MDM8220 and commercial infrastructure equipment; and LTE mobility enhancements, with seamless forward handoff using Qualcomms LTE Advanced test bed.

Derdack (2D26) will show the latest version of its mobile messaging service delivery platform, message master nx, which made its debut at Mobile World Congress in 2009. The platform enables mobile operators to create an SMS/MMS-based application store, empowering operators to control the mobile messaging services value chain and boost revenues.

Mobile advertising firm Sofialys (2E59) will showcase its new online mobile ad marketplace that will enable agencies and advertisers to identify audiences and serve campaigns via the growing inventory of mobile operators and publishers.
While everybody remains convinced that mobile phones offer unique ways of engaging with consumers, neither brands nor agencies seem truly happy with the performances offered by existing ad networks, says Sofialys VP Sales and Marketing, Julien Oudart. We firmly believe that our new concept of online mobile ad marketplace is about to change all this.

Smartcard firm Sagem Orga (8B76) will be exhibiting under the slogan Caring about tomorrow. The company believes that in addition to developing future-proof smartcard technology for the world of tomorrow, it is also necessary to account of environmental protection in strategy and projects. The company is taking this message to the event, with most parts of its booth made of recycled material from former exhibits. Carbon consumption resulting from the remaining exhibition activities will be compensated for with a donation to the World Wildlife Fund for a rain forest project.
Sagem Orgas will also be showing its SIMply Mobile Wallet, the first Near Field Communication(NFC) sticker with phone connectivity, as well as its Smart Card Web
And in conjunction with Telefonica, Sagem Orga will also be showcasing SIMFi, the first SIM card with integrated wi-fi, which turns the SIM card into a wi-fi hotspot.

Communology (2B68) will be showcasing its solutions, including LiveMedia Visual Voicemail; LiveMedia C Cubical; LiveMedia Instant Messaging; and LiveMedia Mash-up. Communology is also showing LiveMedia solutions for mobile multimedia applications such as TV/video and mobile marketing, as well as its Mobile Test Edition (MTE) portfolio. MTE is a collection of test modules for testing and assuring the quality of mobile phone software on Android, Symbian OS 9, Windows Mobile and Java ME.
Mobile search company irepli will launch a location-based search application for the iPhone at the show. The company says its search technology provides consumers with the most relevant, accurate results for their personal searches, based on location, time, date, search history and individual preferences.
irepli has a one question one answer ethos, believing that short succinct local results on the mobile screen are the most effective solution for consumers using mobile search. The company believes greater usage will be stimulated by providing the most relevant answer to a given query, rather than frustrating the consumer with a deluge of irrelevant results.
The app will also enable users to share information, find people and places near to them, use augmented reality, enter into community networks and make use of vouchering systems
Mobile payments firm paythru (7IZ13) will use the show to launch seven new market sector products for its secure mobile payments platform. The new products are: paythru Charity, paythru Retail, paythru Gaming, paythru Subscriptions, paythru Ticketing, paythru Insurance, and paythru P2P.
paythu provides mobile payment services that allows customers to spend what they want, when they want, where they want, through any Internet-enabled mobile phone and using any bank or credit card. paythru is also the first mobile payment system to achieve Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. This delivers the same standard of security as retail banks and card issuers.

Viaccess (2B69) will be demonstrating a suite of solutions designed to enable mobile operators to offer their customers improved TV and video services. The solutions combine conditional access, global digital rights management, IPTV middleware and content discovery, enabling users to find programmes they might want to watch from a personalised recommendations engine, based upon their interests, preferences and recommendations from their social network.
3GVision (2C72) will showcase its 1D/2D mobile barcode solutions. 150 million mobile users worldwide use 3GVisions i-nigma barcode reader to scan and decode 1D/2D barcodes from newspapers, packaging, billboards and posters.
During the event, 3GVision will demonstrate a world-map of live mobile barcode scans that will display current i-nigma user numbers and real-time mobile campaign metrics, analyzing the results in real time. The company will also demonstrate mobile payment solutions, including barcode shopping with 1D barcodes; the latest mobile barcode applications and campaigns across the world; and 1D, QR and Data Matrix barcode reading from iPhone and Android handsets.

NEC (8A125) will showcase the worlds smallest, all-in-one compact LTE base station. The base station is 3GPP (Partnership Project) mobile communications standards-compliant and integrates REC (Radio Equipment Controller) control functions and RE (Radio Equipment) transmission functions.
It measurers just 420 x 230 x 130 (width/height/depth, mm), and weighs just 12kg. It is SON-managed (Self Organizing Network), enabling efficient, easier and faster deployment and operation of LTE at a much lower cost than previous 2G and 3G deployments. 
NEC is also partnering with PacketVideo to demonstrate new rich mobile applications for NECs femtocell solutions, including its Home Gateway service.  NEC has incorporated PVs MediaFusion content management and delivery platform and TwonkyMedia connected home application into its femtocell solutions, enabling mobile operators to offer consumers indoor, high-speed access to their favourite media services. 

Telegent (2A24) will demonstrate its Mobile TV solutions, including the complete line of Telegent integrated mMobile TV receivers. The live demonstrations will include handsets developed by Telegents customers specifically to address the anticipated demand for viewing football on handsets during the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010.
Telegents recently announced TLG1121, the companys third generation analogue Mobile TV technology and the industrys first single-chip analogue Mobile TV receiver b
ased on 65nm CMOS process technolog,y will also be on display. The 6 x 6 mm package reduces solution size by 25% as compared to previous generation devices while drawing 25% less power from the battery. For manufacturers, this translates to greater flexibility in PCB layout enabling smaller, sleeker handset designs and longer viewing times for consumers.

Connecthings (8B94), which produces systems that deliver contextualized services and content based on location and time, will host the first public demonstration of the Wave-Me NFC services platform. The first result of a partnership with Inside Contactless, the Wave-Me NFC services platform is built upon Connectthings AdTag server, and is designed to give NFC the intelligence it needs to enable a broad range of mobile services, beyond payment and transit applications.
The focus of the demonstration is a preview of a pilot project Connectthings is developing for the Office of Tourism in Marseille to provide visitors with electronic coupons for public transport and entry to museums and other points of interest around the city. The Wave-Me client software in an NFC handset will trigger a back-end transaction on the AdTag server (visible on a PC monitor) when the handset is brought in close proximity to an NFC tag, connecting the associated e-coupon with the handset. When the handset is waved near the corresponding NFC tag at the merchant premises, it displays the coupon, providing proof to the merchant that payment has been made.

Browser firm Opera Software (1C44) will offer an exclusive preview of Opera Mini for iPhone to the press, while other visitors to the Opera stand will be able to see Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 on Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile handsets; Opera Mobile 10 beta running on Android handsets; Opera Mini 5 beta, running on a variety of handsets and platforms; and Operas cross-platform Widgets Manager beta, running on Windows Mobile and S60 handsets

Blueslice Networks (1E38), the evolved Subscriber Data Management company, and Camiant, which provides policy control and application assurance technology, will showcase the interoperability of Camiants best of breed PCRF (Policy & Charging Rules Function) with Blueslices Subscriber Data Management solutions.
Camiant and Blueslice share a unified philosophy that the subscriber and resource control intelligence layer should be centralized to avoid the creation of new silos in the network, and vendor neutral to allow operators an independent mechanism to control network growth. This approach lays the groundwork for a next-generation market offering that consists of an independent policy control management solution closely networked with a consolidated subscriber data management solution.

Solaris Mobile (7G4) will showcase the result of its partnership with Europcar, whereby fully operational communication systems have been installed into the vehicles to enable the provision of next generation broadcast services to people on the move.  This hybrid network is currently on trial in Paris and the surrounding areas with a view to extending it within France and into other European countries.
A number of cars have been fitted with the technology for the show, and these can be pre-booked with the Solaris team for a short trip around Barcelona to view the technology in action upon booking of an appointment with the Solaris Team.

ExB (1A13) will showcase its innovative touchscreen user interface for tablet PCs and mobile phones that does not require (nor emulate) a mouse or keyboard. Content is organised along the four categories: People, Places, Things and Me. Any content a user wants to access on a tablet PCs or mobile phone can be found by these four dimensions, the company says. For example, if you want to know which of  your friends live in Munich, you simple drag Munich from Places to People to see a cluster of exactly that group of people.
The user interface is driven by a system called ExB preDICT. This is a new way of entering text, based on a learning database that adapts itself to the users vocabulary, even in different languages. The user can construct sentences by selecting from predicted full words instead of constructing words by tapping single letters. ExB preDICT is available in 74 languages from Android Market.

Broadcom (4.1HS02) will announce Android support via Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS and VoIP. The company will also showcase Android support across a range of other solutions including the BCM4760, bringing Android to personal navigation devices and other location-aware gadgets. Demonstrations will include multi-chip Android support in a consumer multimedia tablet device.
The company will also showcase its BCM20751 and BCM4751 chips. The     BCM20751 brings together Bluetooth, GPS and FM and adds a built-in media processor to offload MP3 decoding. This is designed to boost audio playback time by as much as 100% by offloading audio processing from the baseband to the chip itself
The BCM4751 is a single-chip GPS solution for mobile devices with faster signal searches, delivering accurate real-time navigation, improved tracking sensitivity and very low average power consumption.

Wi-Ex (2J04), which provides mobile signal boosters for the home and office, will showcase its zBoost European product line. zBoost increases the mobile signal indoors and eliminates dropped calls, enabling consumers to take full advantage of voice, data and Internet services on their mobile in the home or office environment.  

Astellia (2F49) will unveil its Trending & Aggregation Corporate performance management solution, already used by major operator groups across Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The solution provides CTOs with a clear picture of mobile service quality over several networks. It converges both OMC and probe-based data, giving operators 360-degree network visibility of network elements including data services, handset performance, roamers and the true Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered to subscribers.

Neomedia Technologies (3.1HS137) is running an m-giving campaign which will enable MWC delegates to donate money to the Haitian relief effort by scanning a 2D barcode. The barcodes will appear on posters at the show; and on the lapels of all GSM Association (GSMA) staff. Each time a barcode is scanned, NeoMedia will donate $1 to Internews to fund the radio program in Creole Enfomasyon nou dwe konnen – News You Can Use.
Internews is an international not-for-profit media development organization whose mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect, and the means to make their voices heard.

Avanquest Software (1B59) will introduce its all-new applications and online services, dedicated to the convergence between mobile, Internet and PC. The company will demonstrate applications that enable rich, value-added services to support recurring revenues by providing exceptional experiences for end users. Avanquest will also unveil its latest tools for data synchronization, performance optimization and multimedia storage and sharing across social networks. The company has sold more than 200 million licences for its Mobile PhoneTools suite worldwide.

Absolu Telecom (7C62) will use the show to launch its simplified micropayment solution, Absolu Payment, in the European market. Absolu Payment provides a group of micropayment solutions using premium-rate phone numbers. A unique phone number is attributed to every transaction made by the user requesting premium data or content. To access the content, the user simply dials a premium-rate phone number displayed on the mobile site or web page. The payment is than charged to the customer's phone bill. The solution can be used with any mobile application or website providing content or services including press articles, music downloads or games.

MCTEL (1G13) will perform live demonstrations of its Device Management Center, mobile device management solution that currently runs on more than 20 networks around the world. The company will also showcase its Value Added Services portfolio, and its range of advanced messaging solutions, including live demonstration of the MCTEL USSD Gateway. Also on display will be MCTELs roaming solution, including the SMS Center International Hub, which is designed to manage the SMS connectivity of groups of operators. The solution is currently managing the SMS connectivity of over 40 operations worldwide.

Finally, Aricent (1F38) will showcase end-to-end LTE capabilities; its Experience Engineering innovation and systems integration engagement model, developed to help operators realise their full user experience potential; and its Continuous Engineering engagement models, which are designed to help OEMs optimize every phase of research and development, from introducing new products to sustaining mature ones.