MWC: Citrix and Bytemobile Announce Partnership

Andy Penfold

Citrix and mobile video specialists Bytemobile have announced a strategic partnership that will see the companies collaborate on solutions for the mobile data market. 

Citrix is behind NetScaler, a mobile computing and flexible application delivery solution, while Bytemobile's traffic management and data-optimisation solutions are used by MNOs around the world.

As part of the partnership, Bytemobile has been certified as being Citrix Ready on Citrix's approval scheme. 

"Mobile carriers today are wrestling with maintaining profitability while also managing explosive growth of video, data and 4G traffic," says Klaus Oestermann, group vice president and general manager of cloud networking product group at Citrix. "They are in need of next-generation architecture to scale and optimise data, video and voice in an intelligent manner. The unique combination of expertise between Citrix and Bytemobile will revolutionise traffic management, enabling mobile carriers to dramatically reduce spending while increasing profitability and accelerating their move to 4G."

"Wireless networks of the future require a completely different architecture than today's voice-dominated design ? and thus require a different way of thinking," says Chris Koopmans, chief operating officer at Bytemobile. "As voice gives way to video and data in all aspects of a mobile operator's business - including revenue, traffic, and subscriber satisfaction - carriers need to revamp their network to deliver visibility and control at the content layer. Smarter tools will be necessary for them to deliver the best service to their subscribers and capture the market opportunity in front of them. We are excited to partner with Citrix in addressing this challenge and developing highly optimised and integrated solutions offering smart capacity in a scalable, on-demand manner as operators manage their 3G networks and build out their 4G and cloud-based data services."