MWC: Day 1 Morning News Round-up

As ever at MWC, the news is coming in faster than we can write it up, so heres a brief summary of some of the announcements so far

NVIDIA  has announced Android compatibility for its Tegra series of computer-on-a-chip processors. The NVIDIA Tegra APX 2600 processor running Android is on display on the NVIDIA stand in Hall 1, Stand IC34.  NVIDIA says it will be enabling its OEM customers with a highly optimized and accelerated Android port starting in the second quarter of 2009.

Independent mobile application store GetJar has announced support for Adobes new over-the-air mobile runtime solution that includes the Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player. With an extensive developer community and over 22 million downloads a month, GetJar will be a major direct distributor for new games and applications that the developer community creates for the new Flash Lite runtime.
GetJar is also be one of the key sponsors of the Flash Lite Developer Challenge announced today. This international competition for the most compelling mobile content available will present winners $100,000 (70,000) in cash prizes. As a key sponsor, GetJar will match the $100,000 prize total with $100,000 of marketing support for the contest winners, helping to fast-track the winners apps to market and providing premium placement on GetJars network.

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) has unveiled the MB86K23, a Mobile WiMAX baseband device targeting the expanding mobile PC market. MB86K23 is the next-generation of the successful MB86K21, which targeted embedded WiMAX in mobile PCs or in WiMAX PC cards and which has been certified by the WiMAX Forum. It offers low power consumption, and by enabling a 60% reduction in chip-set area compared to its predecessor, allows small form-factors for mobile devices.

Airwide Solutions has released the results of a survey conducted on its behalf by Direct2Mobile. It found that three-quarters of mobile operators believe that the mobile social networking phenomenon will play a very important role in driving messaging growth, and plan to invest in mobile social networking technology over the course of the next 12 months. The study also reveals that social networking now accounts for over 50% of total mobile Internet traffic in developed markets. Airwide says it can help operators tap into the demand for emerging applications like mobile social networking by enabling them to enrich existing applications with subscriber and network data, and helping them to manage and control the quality of applications to their subscribers.

GeoSentric Oyjs GyPSii business unit has announced the launch of the GyPSii OpenExperience API (OEx), its platform for incorporating location-based social networking functionality into embedded mobile clients and applications. OEx supports a whole new user experience on mobile devices, as seen on the iPhone and other new user experience based mobile platforms. It allows GyPSii partners to enhance their own products and services with the rich location-specific features, content and community of the GyPSii mobile social network. In using the API, the company says, partners can leverage GyPSiis international infrastructure and immediately offer new services to their customer base.

Amdocs has announced a new mobile applications portal solution to help service providers gain revenue from, and play a critical role in, mobile applications retailing. Called Amdocs App Store, it provides a collaborative environment in which service providers and their third-party developer partners can develop, sell and profit from the digital applications and value-added services.
Amdocs App Store is a collection of packaged digital commerce, partner collaboration and personalisation capabilities, and development tools designed to help service providers open their infrastructures in a controlled manner so that innovative third-party developers and content providers can collaborate, create, market, and deliver personalized applications and services (such as games and social networking applications) to consumers via any mobile device.

Maximizer Software  has unveiled Maximizer CRM 10.5 Freedom for Blackberry, which allows one-click, one-touch access to critical customer and sales information.The solution allows real-time wireless access to business intelligence data through mobile dashboards, which enables managers and executives to directly monitor sales performance and services activities from their mobile devices. Additionally, the new release provides IT administrators with the ability to wirelessly deploy mobile CRM to business users, offering one-click installation.

Acision has launched Acision Text Suite, which the company says is the worlds first open service text architecture. Acision says the solution provides operators with the control and flexibility they need to extend their text messaging business to markets they couldnt effectively address before. Furthermore, it enables operators to enrich their current subscriber services in order to differentiate in highly competitive markets and monetise messaging and network assets to grow their messaging business.
Acision Text Suite enables short time to market for new services and easy integration across a range of messaging bearers and third parties, including web and enterprise application providers. It also provides access to new messaging capabilities such as real-time transactions for mobile payment applications, subscriber location, priority delivery and dialogue management, as well as central control over all messages in the core messaging architecture.

Gigafone has launched its new digital advertising solution, Ochre. Gifagone describes Ochre as a vendor agnostic solution thats designed to provide brands, agencies and mobile operators with a holistic and simplified view of the advertising ecosystem. It is launching nine partners from across the advertising value chain. These are: Xtract, Vizimo, Palringo, AditOn, Yodel Digital, Icom group, Liquid Air Lab, Sponge Group and OwnSkin. Gigafone says that Ochre will tackle the market fragmentation that is preventing the development of effective and creative digital campaigns.

modu, inventor of the worlds lightest mobile phone, and Telefonica, have announced an agreement to conduct a pilot of modu mobile phones in Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Telefonica Latin America counts around 150 million subscribers in its 13-country service region. The collaboration with modu is intended to broaden the choice of mobile phones available to consumers.

Jinny Software  has launched its fully-managed Mobile Marketing & Advertising Service, which will provide advertising from agencies to the operator as a managed service and share the revenue earned from advertising with the operator. This revenue-share commercial model removes the need for operators to incur the up-front CAPEX required to build and implement the solution, the company says. Jinny will manage contractual relationships with the advertising agencies and brands, and will invoice these parties for the campaigns run across the platform.

Network planning and optimisation consultancy AIRCOM International has announced a partnership with Aria Networks, which provides forec
asting, planning and optimisation solutions for fixed-line and mobile network carriers. The partnership will see AIRCOM market, distribute and support Aria's iVNT software suite to its partners and mobile telecoms customers around the world.

Were off to meet some of the companies at the show now. More later.