MWC: eBay Partners with Three

eBay has announced a partnership with the mobile carrier, alongside a slew of partnerships that aim to enhance the mobile eBay experience. 

The partnership with Three will bring devices pre-loaded with eBay apps. Android devices on the UK-based network will now come with eBay apps preloaded. 

eBay partner PayPal has also launched the PayPal Carrier Payment Network, allowing mobile carrier payments to be made on participating networks. The company says it has over 250 carriers and 1,500 digital goods merchants that could use the scheme.  

PayPal also has also announced details of various implementations of its mobile commerce tools. Spanish ticketing company has reported that 15 per cent of customers now purchase tickets via PayPal on their phone, while PayPal has also collaborated with hotel company Yotel to create a mobile booking and payment system. 

“Mobile commerce is changing the way people shop and pay, and the ways in which merchants of all sizes engage consumers,” says John Donahoe, eBay president and CEO. “Were seeing a new retail paradigm emerge through mobile. Consumers are in control, and they want to shop anytime, anywhere. That creates opportunity. eBay is driving mobile commerce innovation, partnering with carriers and merchants to build a new retail ecosystem that drives growth by delivering anytime, anywhere value and rich multichannel shopping experiences for consumers.”