MWC: Fujitsu Demos Haptic Tablet That Enables User to Feel Texture

Fujitsu hapticFujitsu is showing off a prototype tablet that uses haptic feedback technology to convey texture about the image the user is interacting with on screen.

While many are testing and even rolling out devices with haptic, including Samsung’s newly announced Gear Fit fitness band, Fujitsu says it is the first to use ultrasonic vibrations to vary the friction between the display and the users finger.

Reducing friction by creating a high-pressure layer of air between the screen’s surface and the user’s finger gives a floating effect –  or the sensation of slipperiness. Rapidly cycling between high and low friction in response to touch can create an illusion of bumpiness.

Although the technology requires a significant amount of energy, which could kill the devices battery, Fujitsu says it has developed a technology that induces vibrations efficiently at mobile device sizes. The company believes that the saturated mobile market will start to move towards experiences that ‘appeal to our senses and emotions, rather than device specs.

Wearable enterprise solution

Fujitsu has also unveiled an NFC-enabled glove that works with a smart headset for people who can’t use their normal device at work. Pitched as a solution for people working in factories or on building sites, when the user touches an NFC tag on something theyre working with, relevant information is provided on the head-up display.

The glove will launch in 2015.