MWC: GSMA vs Spam

The GSMA has announced the launch of its Spam Reporting Service (SRS), powered by Cloudmark technology, with North American mobile operators including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Subscribers can use the short code 7726 – SPAM, on your average phone keyboard – or an Android app to report spam, viruses or phishing messages. The SRS then enables participating operators to share attack intelligence in real time, to quickly put a stop to malicious activity.

North America has one of the lowest incidences of mobile spam in the world, something which the GSMA says this service intends to uphold.

“Around the world, increasing numbers of consumers are falling victim to spam. Mobile network operators are working hard defending against these threats to continue to protect the quality of the mobile service and reinforce subscriber trust,” says Michael OHara, COO, GSMA. “By having major mobile operators in North America actively participating in the service, spammers and fraudsters will find this region an even more difficult target for their malicious activity.”