MWC: Yandex Debuts 3D for Android Tablets

Andy Penfold

SPB Software has announced a glasses-free 3D interface for Android tablet devices. The company, which is owned by internet technology company Yandex, says its Shell 3D Tablet Edition allows mobile operators and device manufacturers to create customised 3D tablet interfaces. 

The OS add-on uses auto-stereoscopic technology, which the company says creates a 3D effect without the need for a special screen or viewing glasses. 

Yandex Shell 3D Tablet Edition makes it easier for users to navigate and personalise their devices. The tablet edition follows the launch of smartphone app Shell 3D on the Android Market.

"Mobile operators are now offering tablets with mobile broadband packages alongside mobile and smart phone deals. We recognise that they want to differentiate the offerings they make to their tablet subscribers from what they can offer to their mobile phone clients," says Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, general manager and EVP of mobile at Yandex. "The Yandex Shell 3D is available for operators to pre-install on their Android tablets, adding a new element of attraction for potential customers. We believe that 3D interaction will become the norm on tablet devices."