My Facebook chat (sort of) with Christian Grey

Tyrone Stewart

Fifty Shades Darker hit our screens earlier this month and, as with the first movie in this series, has seen people flocking to the cinema to get their fix of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s ‘relationship’. Now, thanks to, you can push Ana to the side, step into her shoes and show Christian your kinky side.

Don’t be opening the dudgeon, preparing the swing and pulling out the whips just yet though. Because it’s a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

I, as any self-respecting man does when he comes across such a chatbot, decided to put on a wig (got to get into character) and enter Christian’s (or Mr. Grey's?) world.

Sounds like a decent fella so far, doesn't dive straight into the kink...

Then again, he doesn't ask me how my day is going either. I have attachment issues, I need attention and someone that cares.

Classic Disney seems to get him excited, a man after my own heart...

And he has a play room, I've always wanted one of those! All those weapons in that room though, you'd think he was a martial arts expert.

The eyes are a mixture of creep and holding in a fart

And there you have it, my chat with Christian Grey. He's a lot more odd than I expected, and I'm pretty sure he's going take me away to a hidden location while I sleep. You can enter the world of Fifty Shades yourself here, but please keep the pants away from your ankles while talking to him.