Mycroft Launches iOS Cloud Security

Cloud security company Mycroft has launched MobileIA, a security solution that allows iOS devices to connect to restricted networks securely. 

The solution features Mycrofts IL3 security, and builds on its solutions for remote access and private cloud hosting environments that are deployed by the UK government and its stakeholders, says the company. 

Once MobileIA has been installed on a device, it can be compartmentalised to create a segmented environment where users can access and host sensitive information securely. 

Users have access to a number of applications including encrypted email, calendar, contacts, creation and editing of Microsoft Office documents, secure voice and camera, as well as the ability to develop custom mission applications inside the sandbox, utilising the FIPS encryption for data at rest and in transit.

“MobileIA is the first of its kind and we developed it because of the huge uptake in tablet and smartphone devices and following an overwhelming request from our customers,” says Martin Knapp, managing director of Mycroft. “Our solution allows users to enjoy all the features of their iOS device and to access sensitive corporate data without the fear that it falls into the hands of cybercriminals.”

Mycroft says it will release a similar solution for Android in December 2011.