MySpace Leads the Way

MySpace, Windows Live Spaces and YouTube are the most popular social networking websites among Britons who upload content captured on their mobile phones, according to the latest research from Telephia, which provides syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets. In the US, MySpace, Facebook and Windows Live Spaces lead the ranking.
Among those Britons who post or upload content created with their mobile phones (mobile social networkers), 21% do so to their MySpace account using either their mobile or PC. 18% of these mobile social networkers use Windows Live Spaces, while YouTube and Bebo are joint third with 9% reach respectively. Pictures and videos created on mobile phones often find their way onto social networking sites via the PC, but the acceptance of this online phenomenon amongst mobile audiences, says Telephia, suggests huge potential for growth of mobile social networking in 2007.
Telephias research among UK mobile consumers confirms that mobile social networking is a teenage phenomenon for now. 9% of mobile social networkers are in the 15-17 age group, versus 5% for the mobile population as a whole. Social network Bebo is particularly popular with British teenagers, with a staggering 40% of the 15-17 year old mobile social networkers using the site. Leading sites MySpace and Windows Live Spaces attract 27% and 28% of them to their sites. 
The popularity of social networking sites like MySpace, YouTube and Facebook has already taken the web by storm says Telephia Managing Director for Europe, Reza Chady. With the majority of Britons owning a mobile phone, their insatiable hunger to be connected to their peers at all times, coupled with advanced camera capabilities, is likely to lead to increased posting of user-generated content to such social networking sites from mobile phones, wherever the user may be. This development will transport social networking from the PC to the streets.
Among mobile social networkers in the US, MySpace is also the most popular social networking site with 32% of them using the site from their phone or PC. Facebook is the second most popular social networking site amongst mobile social networkers with a reach of 13%, ahead of Windows Live Spaces at 11%. As in the UK, mobile social networkers are much younger than the general mobile population, with MySpace being by far their favourite destination. 69% of the 15-17 year old mobile social networkers use this site to share their pictures, videos and personal feelings.