Myxer Drives Auto Insurance Downloads

Myxer and auto insurance firm GEICO have revealed the results of a branded mobile content campaign.
Myxer created custom web and mobile web storefronts for a wide range of GEICO ringtones, including those featured in commercials, as well as sound bites of the popular Gecko character. Overall, more than 350,000 downloads of GEICO mobile entertainment content were recorded in the first 60 days of the new campaign, leading to a major spike in traffic to the storefronts.

“One of the key objectives of the campaign is to drive both downloads and sharing of the content, and we were able to achieve this by seamlessly integrating with Facebook, Twitter and our own ‘send to friend’ feature,” says Myxer founder and CEO Myk Willis.

The sharing features for each item are available from both the web and directly from a user’s phone. In addition, the campaign leveraged the custom SMS Keyword ‘GEICO’ (Text GEICO to 69937) to deliver a direct link to the custom GEICO mobile content storefront on Myxer. In all, 28 pieces of mobile content were created and are featured at on the web and on the mobile web.

Myxer’s content has been downloaded by over 38m unique users to date. The company says that it  maintains a strong commitment to helping advertisers, marketers, wireless operators and content publishers with innovative products and services to deliver original content to mobile phones.