Myxer Unveils GeoPix

Myxer has announced the launch of GeoPix, an Android application that brings geo-location technology to ordinary wallpaper images. The app enables users to choose a physical location for an image they want as their wallpaper, and then have it appear as they arrive at their destination. Users can set a location by sliding their finger around a map, or typing in their address.

GeoPix makes use of Androids geo-location and background services technologies to monitor a phones physical location. The app enables users to save any number of locations, and to search and choose images from either their phone or Myxers wallpapers catalogue.

“This is another in a series of announcements that show our commitment to innovation and bold expansion beyond ringtones,” says Myxer CEO, Myk Willis. “In addition to developing a new generation of mobile apps, were expanding our consumer offerings this year to include over-the-air music downloads, mobile streaming video, and a host of other new services.”

Myxer works with more than 125,000 artists. To date, the company has enabled more than 1.2 billion content downloads and represents a powerful and active community of more than 34 million users who currently download more than 90 million pieces of content every month.

You can download GeoPix for free from Android Market, or by texting GEOPIX to 69937.